Email Forwarding

Email forwarding will automatically redirect email sent to one email address to a different email address.

For example:

If you have an email address –, and then registered the domain name

You could use email forwarding to direct to your existing email address –


To start using Email Forwarding follow these instructions :

1. Login to your customer account :  ( - Client area login

2. Select Domains from the top menu followed by My Domains : - Client area, select domains page

3. Select the domain name you wish to forward :


4. Select Email Forwarding :

5. Enter the new email address on the left hand side under prefix and the email address to forward email to on the right hand side under Forward To, then click Save Changes:


6. The new email forwarder can now be seen in the list :


Email forwarding will only work when using the required DNS MX records for your domain.